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"Excellence is our motto; total client satisfaction is our goal"
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Our goal is not to be big, but to deliver high quality in-depth services aimed at achieving competitive advantages for our customers. Success for WHG is to do a few projects quite right.

The firm is primarily a consultancy, with supporting businesses in research and executive education. Most services are performed through an assembled team of outside experts tailored to the specific needs of the company and project. We have managed the business successfully with this model for twenty eight years and our experts work like a team. We will deliver your company a top-notch experience. Over 95% of our clients have hired us again. WHG also has alliance relationships with certain large consultancies that enable us to undertake mega-advisory projects with WHG as the prime. WHG in-house professionals manage our research and education businesses, and company operations.

We typically work only with a few clients at a time. Projects typically involve two to five highly seasoned professionals and are medium or long in duration. WHG has helped our clients post significant improvements in R&D financial performance that are recognizable on corporate income statements and balance sheets.

Smaller client engagements also occur each year, but the base business is making lasting permanent improvements and that takes time. The market research and executive education businesses support those goals. We know where industry is in their adoption and application of practices, and therefore where our clients should be to stay or get ahead.

On comprehensive projects, our clients allow us to become a temporary member of the top management team. Together, we then involve fifty to several hundred employees in highly defined focused roles aimed at achieving an overall improvement through the achievement of a number of focused improvements. Projects typically have ten to thirty-five individual elements that together result in a step-function improvement.

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